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Attic Insulation Costs, are you curious ? The most burning question when it comes to making your home more energy efficient using spray foam insulation is – how much does attic insulation cost! Of course, people want to know the price, and if they can fit it into their budget. We understand that and therefore we offer our clients quotations over the phone, within minutes.


What Effects the Price

Attic insulation costs will differ from house to house, there isn’t really a standard price. For example, a

3-bedroom house in Dublin city will most certainly be different in size, to a 3-bedroom house in the Cavan countryside.  The roof on the house in Cavan will most likely be bigger & so it will cost more to insulate.

To work out the cost, we first need to know how big the area is, that needs to be insulated. Attic insulation costs are priced per square meter and the cost will be different based on the thickness/ dept of insulation that you want to install.  The most common debt of insulation that people request in an existing property is 4 or 6 inches. We see request for 8/9/10 inch depts more commonly in new build projects.

Factors to consider when you are shopping around to find out the cost of attic insulation.

  • Does the price include vent cards?
  • Are the products NSAI approved?
  • Is there a data sheet for the product?

Vent cards are very important when installing spray foam. The vent cards create a gap between the roof tile and the spray foam, which allows your attic to continue to breathe. Vent cards reduce the risk of condensation occurring.  You should always ensure that the quoted price includes vent card installation.

NSAI approved products are products that have been quality checked and approved for the IRISH market. Always make sure that your chosen installer is using attic insulation that is suitable for use in Irish homes. Request a data sheet before you have your attic insulation installed. The data sheet will have the NSAI certificate.

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