• eArc - Ultra-light, Glass-free Technology eArc is the world's first glassless solar module. An innovation combining proven crystalline silicon solar cells with Sunman's patented composite material, eArc has the same durability and robustness of conventional glass modules. However, unlike glass: eArc is akin to a flexible "solar skin", 70% lighter and up to 95% thinner.  eArc requires 0 penetration or mounting equipment during installation, cutting time-on-site by 40%.  eArc is easier to transport in bulk - up to 60% more kW per pallet. eArc targets a variety of applications glass modules cannot service. ID SMF370M-6X12UW Manufacturer Sunman Width [mm] 2002x1000x2mm Module Efficiency (%) 18.5% Number of Cells 72Cell Cell Type MONO Product Warranty (Years) 10 Linear Power Warranty (Years) 25
  • eArc is a super flexible and ultra-thin solar panel that can be stretched along any exterior. Its applications include but are not limited to building facades, automobile mobile roofs and mobile power station. The product is made with composite material and 70% lighter than conventional solar panels, making it far less costly to transport and install.


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