How PV Solar Panels Work


In a nutshell, when the daylight hits the top layer of the panels surface it creates a reaction. The reaction creates a positive charge inside the panel, in the mono or poly cells. This creates a flow of DC electricity


The electricity that is created by PV solar panels on the roof is in DC current (direct current). The power that we use in our homes is in AC current (alternating current) which means that we need to change the electricity from DC to AC so we can use it in our home. This is done by using an “Inverter”


The power that is passed through the inverter is connected to the main fuse board in your home using cables and breakers. The power can then be distributed throughout the home to satisfy the electrical needs.


PV solar panels produce the most power in the middle of the day. For a lot of homes, that is when the demand for electricity is low because the homeowners are either out or at work. So, for most homeowners, it makes sense to include a battery with their system so the power can be stored and used in the evening.


After your PV solar panel system has been installed your electricity supplier may want to change your current meter to a digital one, because most Irish meters are old fashioned. This is at the discretion of the electricity board.

About the Pv Solar Panels

All products and installers are registered with SEAI, which means that you may be eligible for a grant of up to €3,000. The solar panels and supporting components we install are all of the highest quality and offer a superb return on investment.

System upgrades are available to further enhance performance and increase your returns:

  • Cut your bills for electricity, oil, and gas!
  • Use your solar generated electricity at night!
  • Protect yourself from future energy price rises!
  • Reduce your carbon footprint!

The best way to find out how profitable Pv solar panels can be for you, is to contact us and request a call back, we will arrange a FREE assessment, detailed quotation and predicted energy production report.

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