What is the Best Shed Insulation in Ireland ?

What is the best insulation for farm sheds, garden sheds, barns, shipping containers & all metal roofs? Closed CClosed Cell Spray Foam Insulation on a metal barn roofell spray foam insulation is the best shed insulation in Ireland!

If you are looking to insulate your garden shed, farm shed, barn or any metal roof then closed cell spray foam is the best insulation for these weather exposed buildings. Closed cell spray foam has a waterproof barrier that works perfectly for all types of metal roofs. The waterproof barrier stops water penetrating through the foam and offers a high level of insulation for your shed/barn/workshop.

Condensation Problems with Metal Roofs

Closed cell spray foam is used throughout Ireland to solve problems for the shed owners.  The most common problem in sheds and metal roofs is condensation! Condensation is normal, it is caused by temperature differences between the inside and outside of the shed.  Condensation can become a real problem, depending on what the shed is used for or what is stored in the shed.Shipping container insulation

1 inch of closed cell spray foam will solve the condensation. The metal roof is sprayed with a 1-inch layer of closed cell spray foam.

If you use your shed as a workshop, you will know that the area can become very cold & damp, particularly during winter months.  If you want to insulate your shed / workshop because you want to make it a warm, or you want to make it a more comfortable working environment then 2 inches of spray foam is required.

How Much Does Shed Insulation Cost?

To work out how much it will cost to insulate your shed we first need the measurements of the area that you want to insulate. You can measure the area yourself or we can send a surveyor out to visit you, to take the measurements.  Once we know the exact measurements, we can provide an exact quotation.

How long does it take to insulate a shed?

Depending on the size of the shed, it can be done in one day. Bigger sheds may take more time as there may be some prep work involved.


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