Solar Panels in Ireland

Solar Panels in Ireland

Solar panels in Ireland have become extremely popular, particularly Pv solar panels. Pv solar panels generate electricity & this electricity can be used to power all the electrical needs in your home. Solar panels in Ireland work very well & existing customers have benefited from seeing their electricity bills slashed by up to 80% in some homes. Throughout the first year of its popularity (2018 -2019) solar panels in Ireland were misunderstood and many homeowners were skeptical about them. Many people thought that Ireland was not sunny enough, many people mistook them for thermal panels (hot water only) etc. But now that people have had some time to experience Pv solar panels in Ireland they trust the technology and are very aware of the monetary savings and environmental savings.

solar panels in ireland

Solar Panels in Ireland – Pv Systems to Suit all Family sizes

A Pv solar panel system must be sized correctly so that the homeowner can get the full benefit of the system. If a system is sized too small, then the homeowner will not see a reduction in their bill and if the Pv system is sized too big then there will be a lot of surplus electricity. The best way to work out what size system will suit your needs is to avail of the FREE home survey that we offer, simply register your details and we will call you to arrange a time that is convenient for you. Register here.

Grants for Solar Panels in Ireland

It has been almost 2 years since the government announced grants for solar panels in Ireland and these generous grants have encouraged homeowners to embrace the new technology. Pv Solar panels are not exactly a new technology, they have been used in homes throughout Europe for the past 25 years, however Ireland was slow to join the trend.

Solar Panels Ireland – Do We Have the Right Climate?

PV Solar panels need sunlight to create electricity. The trees, the plants and the grass all need sunlight to survive. Daylight is sunlight, whether it is warm outside or not, once we have daylight we have sunlight. Ireland has one of the greenest landscapes in the world therefore solar panels in Ireland work perfectly. People often ask if PV solar panels in Ireland will create power in the winter months, the answer is yes! We have less hours of daylight which means that the amount of power it produces on a short winter day is less than what a pv solar panel system can produce on a long brighter day.

Brands of Solar Panels in Ireland

There is quite a variety of brands of panels. Any high-quality panel, regardless of the brand is known as a Tier 1 panel. Each brand of panel will have a range of power output sizes for example the Italian brand Peimar offer Pv solar panels in output sizes of 300w and 310w. The German manufactured panel QCells come in a wider variety ranging from 315w to 350w, generally the larger the watt of the panel the larger it is in physical size. In simple terms you may need 13 x 300w panels to achieve a 4-kilowatt system, but you could achieve a 4kw system by using 11 x 350w panels. This is beneficial when you are restricted with roof space.

How Do Solar Panels work in Ireland


Lots of people want to know how PV solar panels work, so here it is. In a nutshell, when the daylight hits the top layer of the panels surface it creates a reaction. The reaction creates a positive charge inside the panel, in the mono or poly cells. This creates a flow of DC electricity


The electricity that is created by PV solar panels on the roof is in DC current (direct current). The power that we use in our homes is in AC current (alternating current) which means that we need to change the electricity from DC to AC so we can use it in our home. This is done by using an “Inverter”


The power that is passed through the inverter is connected to the main fuse board in your home using cables and breakers. The power can then be distributed throughout the home to satisfy the electrical needs.


PV solar panels produce the most power in the middle of the day. For a lot of homes, that is when the demand for electricity is low because the homeowners are either out or at work. So, for most homeowners, it makes sense to include a battery with their system so the power can be stored and used in the evening.


After your PV solar panel system has been installed your electricity supplier may want to change your current meter to a digital one or a smart meter, because most Irish meters are old fashioned. This is at the discretion of the electricity board.

About the Pv Solar Panels

Check the criteria here. The solar panels and supporting components that we install are all the highest quality.

System upgrades are available to further enhance performance and increase your returns:

• Cut your bills for electricity, oil, and gas!

• Use your stored solar electricity at night!

• Protect yourself from future energy price rises!

• Reduce your carbon footprint!

The best way to find out how Pv solar panels will work for you and how cost effective Pv solar panels can be for you, is to contact us and request a call back, we will arrange a FREE survey of your home and provide you with all the knowledge that you need to make an informed decision.

Enquire below or call us on 042 95 00 111. We have a team of dedicated staff so your calls and enquiries will always be answered swiftly and efficiently.

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