Who We Are

We are a dedicated team who share a passion about what we do and how we do it. We share aligned values and appreciate working in a respectful, rewarding and positive environment.

We take our work seriously and we strive to create strong harmonious teams. We take full responsibility and ownership of our decisions and actions. We encourage leadership at every level and embrace the skills and experience of others. This means that an installer on the roof and our CEO share in both leadership and accountability.

Our Culture

Our culture is designed to create a community in which individuals can thrive and to foster an environment of collaboration, productivity, and potential throughout the team. The Voltaic Energy Systems culture promotes a shared set of goals and vision for who we are as a company, this strengthens our commitment to creating strong, harmonious teams, and promotes individual autonomy and responsibility.

We strive to build a team community that is open and inclusive

In our open office spaces, we seek to maximize interaction, creative flow, and team support. We openly help and support one another.

We believe in meritocracy, not hierarchy.

No one of us is as smart as all of us. Our employees earn each others’ trust and confidence through performance and contribution – not from a job title. So, we promote leadership at every level. Our employees are free to demonstrate their talents & learning is never ending.

Who we are - Voltaic Energy systems team

We believe that profit is not measured in money terms alone.

We share a vision and commitment to the long-term for ourselves and anyone involved in our organisation. We believe that profit measurement will always include work/life balance, customer satisfaction, employee morale, community involvement, and impact on the environment.

We’re in business for more than just the bottom line.

Our decisions are never just about the bottom line. They are meaningful, ethical, and just, which always means that we under promise and over deliver to our customers and community, we make every effort to reduce our own environmental impact and we engage in our local communities.

We practice Openness and Honesty.

We believe that if a team is to succeed there must be openness and honesty at all levels within the business. This helps to create an environment were team members genuinely care for one another and it alleviates the temptation to small talk.

Our goal for 2020!

We practice what we preach. We, more than most, are very aware of the environment and how each persons small contribution, when combined, makes a big over all contribution. We aim to be a completely paper free business by the end of 2020!

NOTE: We are always on the look out for more like minded people to join our team. If you feel that you may be a fit for our business why not reach out and see if we have any space available or upcoming. “Contact Us”

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